Massage Therapy Benefits


Massage therapy is a method of applying various approaches to human skin, muscles, and related acupuncture points. It can relieve fatigue, relieve pain, and treat diseases.

After years of development and continuous improvement, a set of effective methodologies has been formed.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

1. It contributes to the relief of anxiety and depression.

Massage can increase the level of cortisone in the body, lower blood pressure, and increase serotonin and dopamine levels.

2. Pain relief.

80% of Americans have severe back pain and various other pains.

According to 2011 statistics, massage can help control pain, slow down, or even eliminate pain. It can reduce muscle tension and improve.

3. Improve sleep.

After research and operation, massage has improved to various degrees of insomnia and poor quality of sleep.

Because massage can enhance the DELTA wave, this is related to deep sleep.

4. Increase immunity

Many studies and practices have shown that massage can improve the body’s and increase WBC function.

5. Women relax

We know that many women are restless, nervous, and anxious before and during menstruation.

Research data show that massage can significantly help reduce premenstrual syndrome and mood swings.

6. Reaction Speed

Massage is also very useful in increasing attention and increasing brain response speed.

7. Relieve headaches.

In the treatment of reducing headaches and migraine headaches.

8. Beauty

Also, massage can protect the skin, maintain muscle elasticity, achieve cosmetic purposes, and promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

9. Relieve cancer pain

In the face of cancer patients, massage can play a role in relieving pain, improving symptoms, and continuing life.

Massage is also the result of extensive research and practice tests.

10. Easy to accept

Finally, the massage is painless and does not have a fear of acupuncture. It is a safe and effective treatment.


Today, when the pace of work is so fast, it is recommended that you relax at least twice a month.

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